CFA CH Kittablu Midori

Call Name
"Choco Latte"
Charli Ann Stevens
Chocolate Point

Kittablu Midori is so cute we refer to her as "Choco". That said, she prefers to be called “Latte”. She is not our largest female, but she maintains lovely boning, a nice ear set, nice Roman nose and brilliant blue eyes. Shown only once as a Kitten, she was Best Chocolate Point Kitten in CFA's Midwest Region. She recently came out again this year and attained her CFA Champion title. “Latte” had her first litter of kittens in 2016 and she was a FABULOUS Mom. We look forward to seeing what she produces in the future. A huge thank you to Sue DeLadi of Bikhata Birmans for allowing GC Bikhata In Your Dreams to visit and create "Latte". Also a big thank you to Guy and Cathy Fraze for allowing us to have Midori's mother GC Kissyfurs Khalissee of Kittablu. We look forward to seeing Midori's kittens.