Kittablu London

Call Name
"London" or "Londy"
Charli Ann Stevens
Blue Point

In 2014, London was born as a litter mate to Kittablu Leonidas. She was sold into a breeding program on the East Coast. Recently, that breeder decided to retire and graciously offered London back to me. I had not seen London since I had delivered her back in July of 2014. But, I knew I wanted her back. So, in December with the help of cat community friends, London returned to me. She grew up to be even more than I thought she would be. She truly is a wonderful girl with great boning, wonderful coat and eye color—and everything else that makes a Birman a Birman. At this point, she has not been shown. But, we will try to get her out and at least get her CFA Championship title before allowing her another litter of kittens.