GC Kissyfurs Khalissee of Kittablu

Call Name
Cathy & Guy Frazee
Seal Point

After a three year search for the right seal female to bring home, I finally found the perfect one in Kissyfurs Khalissee of Kittablu! “Lissee” is just a doll and will be a great asset to our breeding program. Her phenomenal silky coat, great boning, and super roman nose are all a part of her heritage with several “good old cats” up close in her pedigree. Thank you to Cathy & Guy Frazee for allowing Lissee to join us; and for keeping these lines strong! Also, thank you to Sharon Lann for approving me to have one your “Grandkids”!

In January 2015, Lissee received her final Grand Champion points at the Lucky Tom show in St. Louis. So, she has now begun her career as a "Mom". A BIG THANK YOU to Sue DeLadi of Bikhata Birmans for allowing GC Bikhata In Your Dreams to come and visit us here in Missouri. “Dreamer” and Lissee produced the most adorable litter; and one of those kittens has been retained for our breeding program (Midori). We can't wait to see what Lissee produces in the future with the Kittablu boys!