CH, GP Charleval’s Zarina

Call Name
"Princess Z"
7/22/2002 - 10/8/2019
Sandi & Harlee Patrick
Seal Point
CFA Regional Winner, CFA Great Lakes Region Best of Breed in Premiership, Grand Premier, TICA Champion Alter, TICA Best of Breed Alter Great Lakes Region

Zarina is the cat who started it all for me!  She is truly a "Princess" and prefers to be called such.  Also, she just happens to be BG's Great Aunt!
If ever a Birman had a perfect head--this girl has it!  She has got Roman nose, flat spot, and strong chin in spades.  Along with that she's got great ear set and HUGE eyes!  She is stunning and quite the trooper.  In the cat show world, most cats are done showing at a very young age.  Zarina returned to the show ring after being a house pet for four years and took to it like a champion!  She loved all the attention she got from Charli and from the judges!  She did awesome and got her Grand title in just three shows--this is truly amazing because Charli had no idea what she was doing at the start of those three shows.  A quick learner, Zarina contended against Grand Champion Birmans and other breeds that had since been neutered or spayed to attain her title.
She is now mostly retired, but occassionally comes out on "catcation" and joins us at the cat shows on Sunday for the ride home! In 2014, Zarina went to the Saintly City Cat Club Show and competed in the Veteran’s class. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and earned a Best Veteran title in Bob Zenda’s ring!