GP, RW Abirwood’s Ferris

Call Name
Julie & Tom Gaines
Blue Point
CFA Regional Winner, CFA Great Lakes Region Best of Breed in Premiership, Grand Premier, TICA Champion Alter, TICA Best of Breed Alter Great Lakes Region

Ferris is actually named after Ferris wheels. His breeder, Julie Gaines, related to the man who invented the portable Ferris wheel.  Since Birmans are named with a specific letter of the alphabet every year, Julie couldn't wait for an "F" year to name a cat Ferris in honor of her family heritage. What a cat to name Ferris!  Ferris has been making friends all over the country--and going head to head with the best Birmans in Premiership. In all actuality, the consensus is that should have been allowed a breeding career before becoming a show alter. He is that nice! That said, he absolutely LOVES being my "Little Fer-Bear" (Ferris the Teddy Bear cat). He's so cuddly and wonderful at home! He finished the 2009-2010 CFA Show Season as a Regional Winner and Regional Best of Breed in Premiership/Alter (CFA & TICA).  In 2013, we took Ferris to the NBF Show in Texas for the hotly contested Premiership class. Our “Little Fer-Bear” won everyone’s hearts—judges included— and was named High Scoring Grand Premier Birman at the end of the show!