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Black and white
2012 CFA Regional Winner 6th Best HHP

In 2012 I was looking at a foreclosure to buy and a little kitten ran out from under the steps and wouldn't let me walk until I noticed him. My friend said I need to go back and rescue that kitten. I gave in and drove back to pick him up. Took him home with plans on making him a barn cat for my friend. One thing led to another and I decided to enter him in a cat show as a household pet. I had just met my future husband and decided to let him show Slyvester to get him involved in cat shows. Turns out Sly was a natural at cat shows and took off and ended up as 6th best household pet in our CFA region that year. Afterwards Sly decided he wanted to retire and suck up to his dad and keep our other black and white, Wacha, company.