GC Abirwood’s Forbidden Love

Call Name
Julie & Tom Gaines
Blue Point
CFA Grand Champion

Kittablu gives a BIG THANK YOU to Julie & Tom Gaines of Abirwood Birmans for allowing me to purchase Ferris’ littermate sister. Ferris is just an absolute living and breathing “teddy bear cat”. So, I am both honored and thrilled to have his Grand Champion littermate sister as a foundation breeding cat for the Kittablu program. The kittens should be wonderful with both great confirmation and superb temperaments. Lovey’s photos courtesy of Tetsu. In the picture below with two cats, “Lovey” is joined by her littermate, GP, RW Abirwood’s Ferris.

Finally, in 2014, the long awaited Doodle and Lovey kittens arrived. Another BIG THANK YOU to Julie & Tom Gaines who queened Lovey as she was due right before my honeymoon. The kittens were everything we had hoped for! Lovely temperaments and great confirmation! All three are stand outs. In 2015, Lovey & Doodle produced an equally phenomenal litter--all of the them show marked. Kittablu Mikolai has joined a pet home, but his family plans to show him in Premiership, Kittablu Mona Tessa became a CFA Champion & Kittablu Morpheus became a CFA Grand Premier and was Best Kitten at the 2015 NBF Show in Pennsylvania.

In 2016, Lovey and Doodle combined once more to have another super litter. Two of the three boys have gone on to CFA Grand Champion titles, GC Kittablu Neo and GC Kittablu Nikkos. And, once again, a Kittablu kitten was the Top Kitten at the competitive 2016 NBF Pennsylvania Cat Show with his brother Nikkos being the 4th Highest Scoring Kitten at the show. Although she handled the pregnancy and delivery with ease, due to her age, we spayed Lovey in 2016. She is now enjoying life with the company of her littermate, Ferris, in our house.