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Birman Kittens For Sale

We are a small cattery with just a few litters born each year. Our kittens are loved and part of our family. So, it is important for us to know that our cats will be going to a loving home. We work hard to try to outcross our bloodlines to maintain health in our cats. Additionally, we do have a VERY cat friendly Boxer and she helps adjust kittens to dogs. So, if you are looking for a cat that has been "dog socialized" we are able to work to make sure your kitten has had time with our dog.

Each of our kittens are assessed as potential show/breeders. This process can take up to 12 weeks (sometimes more for lilacs) as we are waiting for point color to develop and reveal the gloving and laces. Sometimes that meets the breed standard and sometimes it does not. We typically have kittens that go to their pet homes between 14-16 weeks of age. As we are breeders, we do evaluate every kitten born as a potential show/breeding cat. This can take 2-3 months (sometimes more for Lilacs) as many times we are waiting to see how the white markings develop on a particular kitten.

While we invite people to come to our home, meet our cats, and see their kittens in the environment in which they were raised, we do understand that that is not possible for everyone. There are times when we may be able to deliver a kitten to your location, but there will be a fee associated with that service. Also, we do not ship kittens unless they are hand carried by either myself or the buyer (buyer pays the cost for this service).

When thinking about bringing your kitten home, please be sure that you will be there while your kitten adjusts to your home. So, make sure that you get the kitten after you get back from vacation instead of right before you go. Additionally, it is recommended to bring a kitten into your home during a relatively quiet time--not a day or two before you host a large party. It is important to let the kitten adjust to your environment before over stimulating them. We do send our kittens home with a "short" letter reminding you of things you may forget (food choices, grooming tips, etc.)

Please remember to bring a carrier with you when you pick up your kitten. It is important to us that your new baby travel safely to his/her new home.

Kittablu Policies:

Kittens are typically available at 14-16 weeks of age.

Kittablu practices early spay/neuter. Each pet quality kitten/show alter or retired breeder sold by Kittablu will not leave Kittablu until they have been spayed or neutered. This is typically between 14-16 weeks of age. As females may take a bit longer to heal from their procedure, typically they are released later to their pet homes than the boys. The price of your kitten will include age appropriate shots. Kittablu pet kittens are: $1200 (USD) including the surgical fees for neuters/spays and recovery period.

Kittens sold may NOT be declawed. Kittens/cats with access to good scratching posts rarely become a problem in the home. Thus there is no need to declaw.  For more information declawing please visit Truth about declawing or

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