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St. Louis area Birman cat breeder Kittablu is a cattery registered with both CFA, TICA and ACFA.  Charli's first introduction to the breed was actually through her horse trainers, Larry & Jody Hoffman, who had purchased one as a house pet for their daughter, Hillary.  It was love at first sight! Charli knew she had to have her own Birman as soon as she could.  That day came in the fall of 1994 when Charli purchased a pet quality kitten, known as "Matisse" from Debra Sullens of Carabir Cattery in Minnesota.

Several years, and a couple of moves later, Charli found herself in Virginia and wanting another Birman to add to her household.  Thus began her relationship with the Charleval Cattery.  In 2004, CH Charleval's Zarina joined Charli's household.  This was the first show quality cat that Charli owned.  The original purchase included a request to "Grand" Zarina because it would finish off her dam's "DM".  Although it took a couple of years for Charli to get serious about "Granding" Zarina, once she did--it happened quite quickly!  Zarina began her show career in October of 2008 at the Roses for Felines Cat Show.  She achieved almost half the points needed to become a  Grand Premier in just that one show!  So, the race was on and two shows later--Zarina was a Grand Premier. 

Having been bit by the cat show bug, Charli began looking for the perfect show cat to "run" for the 2009-2010 CFA Show Season.  With very few inquiries put out, Charli selected Abirwood's Ferris from the Abirwood Cattery in Illinois.  Ferris joined the family in January of 2009 at just 6 months of age and went on to become a Regional Winner. 

With a successful 2009-2010 show season under her belt, Charli began looking to the future.  The Charleval Cattery was retiring and had produced their last litter of Birman kittens.  Knowing the quality and reputation of the cats that had come out of their breeding program, the decision was made to start breeding Birmans--with the purchase of a direct Charleval cat--Charleval's Groovaloo of Kittablu (aka "BG").  BG happens to be sired by a Carabir cat that was purchased to be part of the Charleval breeding program.  BG would be the foundation Queen for the Kittablu program.  BG’s first litter produced not only Kittablu’s first homebred Grand Champion and Grand Premier, but produced Kittablu’s first two CFA Regional Winners! (GC, RW Kittablu iZabradoodle--5th Best Birman in Championship CFA 2011-2012 and GP, RW Kittablu Iglesias--5th Best Birman in Premiership CFA 2011-2012).

GC,RW Kittablu iZabradoodle is now proving himself as a sire. He has produced several CFA Grands as well as GC RW Kittablu Leonidas (also a TICA QGC, RW and ACFA QGC IA winner) and GC Kittablu Nikkos who is slated to become Kittablu's next lead sire. Both brothers won the High Score award in their respective divisions at the prestigious National Birman Fanciers show in 2017. Nikkos is such a lover we can’t wait to see what he produces!

Although we are a small Birman breeder, we do have Birman kittens for sale as well as adult Birmans from time to time. Many times these adults are retired breeders who are looking for a forever home.