Corona Virus Update - We are closely monitoring the virus and will respond via email or phone to inquiries for kittens and available adults. We are responding to the many inquiries we are receiving as soon as possible. Please stay safe, stay home, wear a mask when in public, and practice social distancing!
SCAM Alert!!! We are hearing of scams related to Birman kittens and also other breeds as well as puppies. If you find a kitten and it is priced far below what most breeders are charging and you can "Buy Now" it is probably not a reputable breeder and instead a scam. Be sure to check with several breeders or ask on Facebook Birman pages to see if you are dealing with a registered, known cattery.

Congratulations to our 2019 NBF High Score Winners

In 2019, Kittablu was honored to have two kitties to win the High Score titles at the Annual National Birman Fanciers Cat Show. Kittablu Papaptucci (GC RW Kittablu iZabradoodle X CH Kyatwo Nikita of Kittablu) was the 2019 High Score Birman Kitten and GC GP RW Kittablu Leonidas (GC RW Kittablu iZabradoodle X GC Abirwood’s Forbidden Love).

Kittablu is a Birman preservation cat breeder dedicated to preserving the health, temperament and breed standard of the Birman breed. The cattery is registered with CFA/TICA and ACFA. We are located in Central New Mexico and specialize in breeding & showing Birman cats. Although we are a small cattery, from time to time we offer Birman kittens for sale and sometimes have retired Birman breeders available.